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An App is only as strong as the support behind it. Lucky for you, the WiNK App has the strongest team in the marketplace. WiNK is a Delaware based C Corporation. The Company and/or Distributor is a start-up concept stage company, and, therefore is in beta form as is the live app. Our team of highly skilled professionals spans many fields and skill sets across the board from deep-tech to legal services and creative solutions.

WiNK is a groundbreaking new app to meet new friends in real-time! Break the ice instantly and safely by meeting other verified users anywhere in the world. Our easy to navigate app settings allow you to set your location and distance from other users anywhere within 0 to 500 meters of other users. Once a user is in your area, send a “WiNK” and you're on your way to meeting someone new! If both users click the like button WiNK will flash the message, “You’ve broken the ice!” and the users will be able to message one another with the knowledge that the person they are chatting with is actually who they claim to be! It couldn't be easier to meet new and exciting people today.


A Brilliant UI Makes A Happy User



Joshua Lutz is a Creative Solutions Marketing Specialist, tackling design, development and branding concerns for WiNK Inc and the upcoming WiNK ICO. Having worked on hundreds of startups over 20 years, he has the skillset to guide WiNK with frontend and backend technology needed to make this one of the very best apps on marketplace. Joshua also has experience working with new cryptocurrencies and assists in the implementation of WiNK's ICO on many creative levels.

LeMont Joyner serves as the Chief Financial Officer  and co-founder of WiNK. Prior to joining WiNK LeMont worked as a financial consultant with Booz Allen Hamilton where he managed budgets and expenditures for the United States Department of Defense. LeMont graduated from Washington and Lee University School of Law with a concentration in business law. As a hobby, LeMont is a YouTube Personality known as “Clutch.” He creates funny videos related to events in the NFL and NBA and has amassed nearly 500,000 followers online.
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Raymond is the Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of WiNK. He is a graduate of the renowned Flatiron School of Coding in New York, New York. Raymond is an adept coder and leader of WiNK’s team. He has chosen to pursue an ICO in order to not only improve the landscape of dating for the modern world, but to give a financial opportunity to all future WiNK token holders. In his spare time Raymond is a professional Madden player currently considered as a top 20 Madden 18 player in the world.

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The WiNK Token

Clean, Intuitive Design

WiNK Is not just the safest and most exciting new way to meet singles in your area, it is also one of the most exciting new cryptocurrencies coming to the blockchain! The WiNK Token is a cryptocurrency that resides on the Ethereum blockchain open source software infrastructure system managed by our partners at ICO Go. The WiNK Token is a form of digital currency using smart contracts to ensure trust and integrity and uses cryptography for its security. Cryptocurrencies, in our estimation, are not susceptible to government or central bank manipulation or inflation to date.

The WiNK Token is on the Ethereal Blockchain using ERC 20 tokens. We anticipate the majority of tokens to be traded on the various crypto currency exchanges around the world. However, in an effort to increase liquidity and exposure of the Company WiNK token to a broader investor base, we will also endeavor to include WiNK tokens in some classic exchanges such as: Bittrex, Binance, and Liqui.

All tokens will be sold exclusively on this website. Accredited Investors can purchase tokens with Bitcoin, Expanse, Ethereum, Litecoin, PIVX and Steemit. The sale of the WiNK token in connection to the WiNK Token Initial Coin Offering (“ICO”) and you as a purchaser of said token will be governed by the disclosures, warning and terms and conditions of said ICO and smart contacts that investors will be required to execute. For more information regarding this exciting opportunity, please click below and read our whitepaper.

Louis Adimando is an attorney who has worked in finance for many years. Throughout his career, he has used his uncanny problem solving ability and unique worldview to craft long term value for his project teams. Louis is the CSO Of Praetorian Group and is an expert on crytpocurrency and blockchain tech. He brings this expertise and know how to WiNK's ICO campaign to ensure a succseful raise and strong market introduction.

Gerard is a practicing attorney for over 16 years in NYC and has owned numerous successful companies. He is well versed in world wide real estate, Fin Tech and cryptocurrency. In 1994 he was a victim of a crime and paralyzed. He has overcome this trauma and through this adversity, gained tremendous compassion and unyielding drive to make the Praetroian Group a success. Gerard is also the CEO of ICO GO, the company that will handle WiNK's ICO and blockchain technology needs.


Jitendra is the technology development manager at WiNK. He spearheads all app development  on the iOS and Google Android platforms. Jitendra has over a decade of experience in the technology industry with over five years of experience in a managerial role.

Just how easy is this app to use? Simply download the app from the market, sign up with Facebook or your personal e-mail address. For everyone's security, we've developed a super smart ID verification process that enables two factor security authentication so we can ensure everyone is who they say they are.

Once verified, you'll be taken to your WiNK profile page where you can polish it up with a short bio. Import your pictures right from your Facebook, Instagram or smartphone photos gallery!

You can even change your search preferences based on another user’s age, gender and distance. Distance can be set to a radius of 50 or 500 meters. After everything is setup you can access the card stack and start swiping to meet other verified members that are nearby right away! No app offers this real-time ability to meet new people in the room you're standing in!



Raising The IQ Of Your Smart Phone.