What is the corporate structure?
WiNK is already a Delaware based C-Corporation that owns all licenses, intellectual property and the right to issue WiNK tokens.

Where is the company based?
The company is based in Jersey City, New Jersey.

Why are you doing a token sale?
Initial Coin Offerings represent a great way for startups to raise funds and build a great community of supporters.

What is the presale discount and is there a minimum deposit?
The presale discount is 5% and there is no minimum deposit.

Which exchanges will you be on?
WiNK will be on all major exchanges in September of 2018.

What is the name of the token?
The name of the token is WINK.

Can I download and try your products?
Yes, the link below takes you to the beta version of the dating app.

Is the token ERC20?

Can I use BTC and ETH to make the purchase?

What happens to unsold tokens?
All unsold tokens are burned.

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