A Location Specific and Participant Verified Dating Application on the Blockchain


    WiNK is a decentralized dating, networking, friendship and matchmaking application which ulilizes a verifiable participant avatar profile and location/geographical spefic protocol to instantly meet and match participants that both show an interest in each other. For the first time, participants may travel and potenticailly meet other like minded verified members anywhere or at any event in the world by sending WiNKs in a safe and decentralized space. This whitepaper sets forth the elements of the WiNK APP Decentralized Platform and the Expanse Blockchain smart contracts that will program the verified and safe member profile that allows members to meet and interact. Further, we will explain the WiNK utility token in which members may purchase and be rewarded for certain activity and have an intrinsic value that will tradeable on a secondary crypto currency platform.


    So many times in the world of romance there are missed connections, missed interpratations, miss information and missed opportunities simply because somebody is unwilling to make the first move or members are untruthful about their true identities. One of the major problems when interacting with another individual on the internet is identification, trust and safety. It is impossible to know if who you are interacting with is actually real. Worse, the internet and dating application in general are ripe with fraud, catfishing and creeps. In addition, women who used traditional dating apps often have little to no safety mechanisms built into the application. Now imagine having the opportunity to meet a real person within minutues anywhere you go in the world in a safe environment with no catfishing and zero creeps. WiNK is the answer to these problems. WiNK is social networking on the blockchain in real time within a high trust community.

WiNK is a dating application on a decentralized platform where users of the app can see and ultimately meet other WiNK verified members that are located anywhere within 0 to 500 meters of them by viewing a real verified Facebook like member profile avatar and send a “WiNK” to another member. If both users click the like button WiNK will flash the message, “You’ve broken the ice!” and the users will be able to message one another with the knowledge that the person they are chatting with is actually who they claim to be! Each user will only be able to send _____ messages to a matched member. The message cap is designed to encourage users to communicate to one another in person once it is evident that there is mutual interest between both members. Members will be given a number of Free WiNKs to connect with other participants, however must purchase more WiNKs within the app to be able to send additional WiNKs.

Upon opening the app a new user registers either by providing their name and email address or linking their Facebook account to the app. Subsequently, in order to access and use their WiNK tokens and wallet, a user must complete the ID verification process and enable two factor security authentication. Once registration is completed and their identification is verified a user is sent to their profile page where they may write a short bio of him/herself and upload pictures that are imported from their Facebook, Instagram, or smartphone photos gallery. Users will also have the opportunity to change their search preferences based on another user’s age, gender and distance. Distance can be set to a radius of 50 or 500 meters. After everything is setup an user can then access the card stack and start swiping to meet other verified members that are nearby.


WiNK is a Delaware based C Corporation. The Company and/or Distributor is a start-up concept stage company, and, therefore has no previous business operations, financial historical information, or any other business information respecting its business operations or future prospects. This is a concept stage Company with no tangible assets, however does aleady have the WiNK App in a beta form.


The Company intends to raise $25,000,000 to fund its operations throughout Phase I as described herein, and other expenditures including marketing costs, salaries (to be determined) for key management, intellectual property support associated with its business operations and proceeds for general capital working purposes to launch the business.


The Company intends to engage in various marketing campaigns with it partners Expanse and Token-lab, and use other marketing vehicles, whether digital, print or social media out-lets associated with its crowd funding ICO offering campaign. The Company is still in process with the exact nature of its marketing plans and there are no assurances by the Company and/or Distributor that any future marketing campaigns will be successful.  In particular, The Company has a branding and marketing team that we believe will support the company’s marketing efforts associated with the ICO. As of December 15, 2017, our branding and marketing team consists of 6advisor

The WiNK Token is a cryptocurrency that resides on the Ethereum blockchain open source software infrastructure system. The WiNK Token is a form of digital currency using smart contracts to ensure trust and integrity and uses cryptography for its security. Cryptocurrencies, in our estimation, are not susceptible to government or central bank manipulation or inflation to date. The WiNK token has not been deemed a security yet by the SEC and can trade, to the best of our knowledge, over multiple exchanges that accept this new form of digital currency as described herein.



A token crowd funding campaign is an opportunity in which a newly created token/crypto currency offers to sell a portion of its crypto currency token to early adopters and blockchain to well-informed accredited investor individuals in exchange for funding. This method of raising funds has become the norm and a well-respected and acceptable way to raise capital in the blockchain ecosystem. However, accredited investors should aware that they have been many instances where tokens in general have been corrupted and/or stolen by others using mal-ware software techniques. Thus, we cannot be responsible and completely disclaim any instances of any sort of these illicit activities that have and continue to occur in the marketplace.

The sale of the WiNK token in connection to the WiNK Token Initial Coin Offering (“ICO”) and you as a purchaser of said token will be governed by the disclosures, warning and terms and conditions of said ICO contained herein and smart contacts that investors will be required to execute.

The Initial Token Sale and crowd funding campaign will commence on __________at 16:00 UTC and will continue until ________________ 16:00 UTC, or whenever the presale is sold out.

The general sale will commence on _________________ at 16:00
These times and dates are TBA and will be announced shortly.

All tokens will be sold exclusively on the WiNK website wink.io. Accredited Investors can purchase tokens with Bitcoin, Expanse, Ethereum, Litecoin, PIVX and Steemit.

In the event there is a high demand for WiNK tokens we reserve the right to issue a second and third round ICO wave in which principals will offer their tokens up for sale to the general public at a price yet to be determined. If this were to occur, the WiNK, LLC (hereinafter the “Company” or “WiNK”, as the case may be) would provide five (5) business days’ notice via various disclosure mediums to ensure full and complete transparency. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the total amount of WiNK tokens the Company and/or Distributor will offer in connection with this ICO pre-sale and crowd funding campaign is ______________ million WiNK token

The WiNK Token is on the Ethereal Blockchain using ERC 20** tokens. We anticipate the majority of tokens to be traded on the various crypto currency exchanges around the world. However, in an effort to increase liquidity and exposure of the Company WiNK token to a broader investor base, we will also endeavor to include WiNK tokens in some classic exchanges such as: Bittrex, Binance, and Liqui.


The following is a breakdown of the Company WiNK Token Crowd Funding allocation. In total there are _______ million WiNK tokens. We will not issue and/or create any more tokens ****beyond that total offering amount. However, in the event that the WiNK token sale is fully subscribed, it would allow WiNK a run rate of 12 months, so Principals, would not trade any tokens on the open market for at least 45 days as a lock up period and to further secure the value of the WiNK token. However, if there is a need for additional capital beyond the 12-month period. Principals/Owners can sell tokens on, any other secondary market where WiNK tokens are listed and actively trading, or in a controlled and responsible way to avoid a negative dilutive impact on the price of the WiNK Token.

    Principals                       65.00%           130mm   tokens
    Token Sale                      20.00%          40mm     tokens
    Advisors/Employees        5.00%            10mm     tokens
    Pre-Sale                         10.00%           20mm     tokens

Each WiNK token will be sold for _____ ETH, meaning 1 ETH will give you __ WiNK tokens. Other accepted crypto currencies will be converted live into ETH. There is a minimum purchase amount of __ WiNK tokens per purchase.

In the event that the Company campaign does not reach its intended capital raise minimum then in such event all tokens distributed will be adjusted accordingly in an effort to establish the delta between such lower amount and maximum amount to be reserved for future token crowd funding campaigns.

Pre-sale distribution will carry a 50% percent discount to the crowd funding campaign, or $0.00 per WiNK token rather than $0.00 per WiNK token.


All accredited investors must be aware that depending on the need to raise additional capital, they will in all likelihood experience dilution associated with the value of their WiNK token. At this time, the Company cannot project whether or not it will be required to engage in subsequent IOC offerings to fund its business operations and future prospects.

WiNK is currently a three-phase business model that will utilize a number of blockchain opportunities as the company grows through its projected milestones.

Phase 1 - Completion of the app funded from by our Initial Coin Offering (“ICO”). Currently WiNK has beta versions of the app available for download in the Apple and Google Play stores. These beta versions require a full scrub and new servers in order to have the app perform to industry standards.

Phase 2 - Creation of the WINK Cryptocurrency Blockchain Asset Wallet that will enable users to spend cryptocurrency anywhere in the world by utilizing the WiNK app within their smartphone.

Phase 3 - Marketing. Management has created proven methods for WiNK to garner popularity and traction very quickly on all social media platforms, (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, etc). Thousands of followers will be obtained in a short period of time through algorithms that consist of a combination of detailed data analytics and managements connections to premier marketing firms that specialize in technology. Furthermore, Management has personal contacts that can put them in touch with numerous celebrities in various industries (fashion, beauty, sports, music, entertainment, and gaming) to promote WiNK in order to increase the app’s mainstream presence as soon as it launches to the public.

Phase 1 - Completion of the App

WiNK is in its beta phase and before it can be marketed to the public the WiNK development team will intergrate the App to the blockchain. Funds raised from the ICO will be used for the following purposes:

Improving all current servers**** in order to keep up with a larger influx of users
Improving the overall speed and functionality of the app
Enable the feature so that WiNK iOS users can communicate and match with Android users
Improving the speed and consistency of push notifications
Integrating WiNK tokens into the app
Integrating Google Earth API onto WiNK’s live servers
Improving overall aesthetics of the app
Implementing WiNK tokens throughout the app
Implementing User’s ID verification process
Enabling 2-factor authentication

Phase 2 - Creation of the WiNK Cryptocurrency Blockchain Asset Wallet
Description coming soon. We are working out the finite details this week.

Phase 3 - Marketing

    WiNK will work with the venerable marketing and public relations agency Oglivy & Mather to become viral as fast as possible. Through Oglivy & Mather’s expertise in the digital advertising world combined with management’s strong presence on social media, WiNK’s existence amongst the dating app industry will be worldwide.


There are many dating apps available in the marketplace but none are in direct competition with WiNK since WiNK is the only dating app that works in real-time.

Nevertheless, Tinder is widely recognized as the most successful dating app in the United States today. Tinder’s business model is similar to WiNK’s except for the fact that instead of their search radius being 50 or 500 meters it goes from 1-50 miles. Thus, WiNK will have a niche in the dating app scene.

Dating app members will realize that Tinder is where you go in order to find a date for later on that night. WiNK is where you go in order to meet someone new once you are already out for the night.

WiNK will also differentiate from Tinder due to the fact that it will operate under Bluetooth technology. Bluetooth enables WiNK to be used in all areas even when Wi-Fi or cell phone service is not available such as in airports and subways. No other dating app on the market has this capability.

Profit Projections

The goal of WiNK is to gain as many members as possible while providing a great experience for all particpants on the app.

Some of the most highly valued apps in the world today do not bring in a single cent of revenue yet are worth billions of dollars due to the revenue potential that exists when an app contains a large number of users. Instagram a self photography app was acquired by Facebook for $1 billion dollars. At the time of its acquisition Instagram was unprofitable. Snapchat another photography app that does not make any profit turned down a $3 billion dollar acquire offer from Facebook in 2013. In March of 2017 Snapchat went public and is now valued at over $25 billion dollars despite still operating in the red and not making any true profit. Once acquired the value of WiNK, Inc will increase and all shareholders will have an exponential return on their investment (ROI).


Year 1…………. 1 million downloads
Year 2…………. 3 million downloads
Year 3…………. 7 million downloads

In App Purchases of WiNK Tokens

Members will have a certain number of free WiNKs that will enable them to send a message to another member to potentially meet. In the likely event that members want to send out additional Winks, members will be able to purchase WiNk Tokens using their credit card or even cryptocurrencies.****

        The WiNK Team

        Raymond Milian

Raymond is the Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of WiNK. He is a graduate of the renowned Flatiron School of Coding in New York, New York. Raymond is an adept coder and leader of WiNK’s team. He has chosen to pursue an ICO in order to not only improve the landscape of dating for the modern world, but to give a financial opportunity to all future WiNK token holders. In his spare time Raymond is a professional Madden player currently considered as a top 20 Madden 18 player in the world.

        LeMont Joyner

LeMont Joyner serves as the Chief Financial Officer  and coi-founder of WiNK. Prior to joining WiNK LeMont worked as a financial consultant with Booz Allen Hamilton where he managed budgets and expenditures for the United States Department of Defense. LeMont graduated from Washington and Lee University School of Law with a concentration in business law. As a hobby, LeMont is a YouTube Personality known as “Clutch.” He creates funny videos related to events in the NFL and NBA and has amassed nearly 500,000 followers online.